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Missionary/author Tom Doyle responds to questions about his new book, Two Nations Under God:

CBP: As an American, what first led you to take such an interest in Israel?

Tom: I went to Israel on a tour in 1995 and fell in love with Jesus all over again. I also fell in love with the people there, both Jew and Arab. I was concerned about all the terrible things that you hear on the news, but then I found out that Israel is a very safe country full of top-notch security.

CBP: Despite the continual stream of bad news from Israel and the Middle East, you claim that churches are growing faster than ever before there.  Can you tell us about these churches?

Tom: In the last few years, both Messianic and Palestinian churches have grown rapidly. One Messianic leader in Jerusalem claims that there are 220 Messianic churches in Israel now! Twenty years ago, there was just a handful. Palestinian churches are growing faster than ever before. Muslims are very open to the Gospel now, and God is doing great things in their midst to draw them to Christ. Their churches are not only growing but they are also planting new ones rapidly.

CBP: Chapter 3 is called A Promise That Shaped America.  What was that promise?

Tom: I believe that America rose to be the "super power" of today because of its continual blessing of Israel. Since God covenanted with Abraham over 4000 years ago, He has been faithful to His Unconditional Promise to him and to his descendants despite their frequent lack of faithfulness. God has "blessed those who bless Israel," and in the last 55 years America has been Israel's most faithful supporter. Since we have backed Israel, often alone, God has soared America to the prominent position that it enjoys today.

CBP: In Two Nations Under God, you show portraits of various Palestinian and Jewish heroes.  What can you tell us about them?

Tom: The sweetest part of the growing church in Israel is to see the reconciliation that is taking place among Palestinians and Jewish believers! This truly is the only answer to the Middle East crisis. The dividing wall is coming down between the 2 groups and God has brought a sweet spirit to them as they worship the Lord together, serve each other, and do ministry together. How blessed we are to see how the Body of Christ operates under the power of the Spirit of God even in the midst of war and centuries of hatred towards each other! The Gospel does work, even in the most difficult places in the world. It is shining brightly in Israel among Palestinians, and Jewish believers. In Two Nations Under God, we have gathered portraits of these believers that will no doubt inspire you!

CBP: In this year of election, the war in Iraq and political dealings with the Middle East are major considerations for U.S. voters.  As one who spends a lot of time in both the U.S. and the Middle East, how would you say that a presidential candidate needs to respond to these issues?

Tom: It is critical for our nation to stand firmly behind Israel. God will continue to bless our country if we do. As a missionary, my heart goes out to the Palestinians. They have endured 55 years of misery. It is my prayer that they will get new leadership that is committed to peace with Israel instead of the all out destruction of Israel. This view of course, comes out of radical Islam, and needs to be extracted from the Palestinian agenda. It is the only way that Palestinians can have a normal life, and the only way Israel can enjoy security.