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Josephus L. van den Hoek D.C.

Author of  Something's On the Boil: A Discovery of Prayer and Healing

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Why did you write this book?

Josephus: There have been several experiences in my life that have drawn my attention to the fact that Jesus heals. "Something's On The Boil" means "there is something going on" and has thus been written as a consequence of some of those experiences, thoughts, doubts and fears that one experiences in searching for answers.

Sometimes a person has something which keeps coming up in their lives and draws much of your attention. This book is an accumulation of these experiences over a period of twenty years that have brought me to the point of writing this book. Some of these experiences have been mysterious and others miraculous. There are so many people who are hurting and need to find Jesus. Perhaps this book can reach some of them and help them understand God's place in healing.

How long have you been researching material for this book?

Josephus: Although I have long wondered about healing, I have spent over two years in preparation and research. Over the years I have experienced tears of overwhelming joy, peace and love and also of deep and painful grief. The process of writing has brought me to really think about God's ways of healing. I spend the most part of each day pondering God's presence and His grace in people's lives. To put that in words has therefore taken quite some time.

What's the single most common objection that you have found to prayer and healing?

Josephus: The most common objection amongst both Christians and non-Christians appears to be the doubt or disbelief that Jesus heals. This is, in my opinion, not because He doesn't heal, but more because we have forgotten that He does heal. We have seen so much medical progress in the last hundred years that God had become neglected in favor of tangible medical approaches to health.

Many Christian organizations and churches preach that medicine is the way through which Jesus heals today. In my opinion, Jesus may sometimes use the medical profession but certainly not exclusively. Modern medicine is primarily used to either improve quality of life or to extend it, but it neglects a person's soul. Jesus' teachings are directed at a person's heart or 'soul.' Jesus is primarily concerned with your heart because the soul is eternal however the body is not.

Does Jesus heal today?

Josephus: If we consider that Jesus is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow, then the answer has to be: He certainly does. If we then also consider that the character of Jesus was such that He was willing to heal, then we can only conclude that He does. Jesus heals not only the body but the soul, spirit, mind, will and emotions. The apostle Paul says that His word is sharper than a two edged sword being able to separate the spirit from the soul (Hebrews 4:12). There is nothing of man which has this kind of power and no scalpel which cuts wo deep. There is nothing that compares to God's word which cuts swift and deep into our innermost thoughts and desires, exposing us for what we really are. Does Jesus heal today? In my opinion He certainly does.