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Abby Johnson

Author of  unPlanned

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Q: What’s the effect you hope unPlanned will have on its readers?

Abby: I hope that it will impact people in several ways, depending on the reader. For those who have been in the pro-life movement for years, I hope that they might read this book and see the clinic workers in a different perspective. I hope that they will be driven to pray for them on a daily basis and know that their prayers can make a difference. I hear from so many "front-liners" that they often feel discouraged. This is not a movement where you go out to a clinic to pray and feel good when you leave. Sometimes you feel like you aren't making a difference. I hope that by reading this book they will be inspired to know that their prayers, action and faithfulness DO make a difference.
For people who are on the fence about abortion, I hope that this book will open their eyes to the humanity of the child that is destroyed by abortion. I also want them to see that abortion is not something that we can be apathetic about. Abortion, unfortunately, affects almost all of us. With one in three women being affected by abortion, abortion has become like a virus that has seeped into our society. It is now up to us to find a cure. There is no room for "fence riders" in this debate. The Bible tells us that it is better to be hot or cold than be lukewarm and I hope that for those that are lukewarm on this issue, after reading this book, they will be ready to take a stand for these children and mothers. I pray that they will be ready to defend them. There will be some that read this book just to criticize, those that are still in the abortion industry or those who support abortion. I am praying that this book gets into the hands of as many critics as possible. I hope that when they read this book, they will find little to criticize. I hope that they will find themselves relating to the words that are written. I am, of course, praying for their conversions. I hope that the words in this book will cause them to examine their conscience and the motives of the industry that they support. I want them to know there is a better plan for their lives and there is joy waiting for them. They can experience a peace that they have never even imagined.

Q: How can readers share your experiences with their family members and friends who may be contemplating abortion—or who may be staunch abortion advocates?

Abby: Anytime you are talking about something as controversial as abortion, I think you must speak with compassion and understanding about their position and beliefs. People who are pro-choice usually hold those beliefs because of life experiences. Some of those experiences may be hard to share or they may have never shared them with anyone. These people may be in need of healing themselves, so if we start debating with them in a cruel or combative way, we are actually building up a wall that will be difficult to break down. We must be kind and simply share the truth that is given in the book and the truth that they know from their own lives.

Q: How has sharing your experiences with Planned Parenthood and Coalition for Life within the pages of unPlanned affected you now as a pro-life advocate?

Abby: I am able to see that there is good on both sides of this issue. So many people want to see these clinic workers as the enemy, but they are not. The sin of abortion is the enemy. These clinic workers are good people who have just been grossly misguided by untruth. On the other side, there are people who claim to be pro-life but believe in taking the lives of abortionists and bringing harm to workers. So, I have been able to see the good and bad in both camps. No movement is matter how much we like to think we are, or how much we try to be.