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Melody Carlson

Author of  Deep Green: Color Me Jealous

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I had the opportunity to sit down with Melody Carlson at the Christian Booksellers Convention and talk with her about her latest book, Deep Green: Color Me Jealous. I asked her how she seemed to know the world of teenage girls so well, as she has no daughters (she has two grown sons). Carlson answered that she learned much from talking to her nieces, her sons’ friends, and from her time involved in youth work in church and para-church organizations.

I expressed my concern that some of the material in the book was too explicit for adolescent readers. Carlson’s concern is that high school girls are experiencing sex, drugs and depression, and they have no material available to help them deal with those things from a Christian perspective. I told her that, frankly, I wasn’t sure I wanted my 18-year-old daughter to read the book, much less my two twelve-year-old nieces. Carlson reminded me that there are girls who need help dealing with uncomfortable issues from a Christian perspective.

There are nine books planned for the True Colors series, dealing with topics such as alcoholism, sex, suicide and depression. -- Pam Glass