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Tom Morrisey's Bio:
Cave diving attracts a special breed of under-water enthusiasts—one that likes dark, sometimes small spaces and can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

For years, Tom has pursued and written about extreme sports such as scuba diving, climbing, and auto racing. Past issues of Scuba Times, Skin Diver and Sport Diver include his articles, as well as many websites such as Although he has an MFA in fiction and has published short fiction off and on for years, Tom’s specialty until recently has always been non-fiction. When he decided to submit a proposal to Zondervan he was encouraged to weave his experiences into novels. The final result is exciting novels like Yucatan Deep and Turn Four.

For Tom, being a Christian and extreme sport enthusiast go hand in hand. “. . . I don’t know about your Bible,” Tom says, “but mine is filled with wilderness, and storms, and shipwrecks, and guys sleeping rough under the stars, and deep loyal friendships, and just a whole bunch of people who are more than brave enough to stand up for what they believe.”