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Anne Graham Lotz's Bio:
Many look at Anne Graham Lotz, the second daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham, and see a woman following in her father’s footsteps, but she did not set out to do so. “Growing up, I had no sense of destiny or ambition that one day I would stand on platforms all over the world and give out God’s Word,” says Anne. “I was called out of my own need to draw closer to Christ.”

Anne’s ministry was born when she found herself as a young mother of three small children “trapped and confined” by the smallness of her life. “In the busyness of having a family, I drifted from God,” she says. “And I got homesick for Him. I knew I could find Him in the Scripture and on my knees in prayer, but I was just too tired and didn’t have the discipline to do that.”

Anne thought of her mother. Even with her father’s traveling schedule, which left Ruth at home operating as a single parent to five children, she was at peace and full of joy, and Anne wanted to be a mother like that. “I knew she drew her strength from the Scripture and from being with the Lord in prayer. She had a personal love relationship with Jesus, and that’s what I wanted,” Anne recalls.

In 1976, Anne wanted to take a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) course in her hometown of Raleigh, N.C., but no class had been formed and there was no one to teach it. So without any teaching experience, Anne decided to teach the class herself so she could be in it. Three hundred women came the first day, and soon there were 500 women in the weekly class, which Anne taught for the next twelve years. “In the process, many lives were changed, including mine,” says Anne.

After 12 years of teaching her weekly class, Anne launched her own non-profit organization, AnGeL Ministries in 1988. Though she defies common labels, she’s often described as a Bible teacher or preacher or evangelist. “I think of myself as a messenger,” says Anne. “I call my ministry AnGeL Ministries which uses my initials. Angels were messengers of God. And when they went somewhere they only went where God sent them, and they only gave out His word. You never hear angels giving out their own opinion. They always give out the word that God told them to give and they speak to whomever God put in front of them.” For Anne, this solves the question some people have about the role of women in ministry. “God made it very clear to me from Jeremiah 1 that he would be responsible for the audience and I was responsible to be obedient to deliver the message He put on my heart.”

She has since spoken in arenas and prison cells, stadiums and sanctuaries and seminaries. Her ministry has taken her all over the world from London’s Royal Albert Hall to stadiums in India and Korea, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, and Panama as well as former communist venues in the Ukraine and Russia. Anne speaks with power and passion, and with a clear and simple message: We need more of Jesus. Knowing Him intimately is the key to knowing ourselves and finding our purpose in life.

In the mid 1990s, Anne found herself with an extensive speaking schedule but with no heart for it, often feeling used to draw a crowd to accomplish an agenda not her own. So in 2000, though almost everyone around her thought it couldn’t be done, and with no earthly way to pay for it, Anne began “Just Give Me Jesus” revivals. Five revivals were held that year where thousands came to hear this ordinary woman call the church to revival in arenas around the country. Since then, dozens of revivals have been held in cities across the United States and internationally in England, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, and the Ukraine.

Anne has never found the travel required for her ministry easy, and finds it even more difficult now with two grandchildren lighting up her life in her hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, where she lives with her husband, Danny, now retired from his dentistry practice and where her two daughters live nearby. “It’s like using a crowbar to pry me out of my house. It’s so hard,” says Anne. “I do it because I’m called and I’m obedient and I love serving the Lord.” Lotz serves on the Board of Directors for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the Board of Directors for Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and the Board of Regents for Baylor University.

She’s also found ways to extend her ministry that don’t require a trip away from home. In addition to a new daily radio program “Daily Light for Daily Living” as well as videos and magazine columns, Anne delivers her message through a number of award-winning and best-selling books including her newest title, I Saw the Lord: A Wake-Up Call for Your Heart releasing in March, 2006 from Zondervan Publishing House. Lotz believes the book, based on a message she has given on Isaiah in many different venues, is the message of the hour to the church, God’s wake-up call to his people. “We need a fresh vision of God,” says Anne. “Not as we want him to be or think he ought to be, but as he reveals himself. My prayer is that God would use this book to help others examine themselves in the light of who Jesus is.”