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Hannah Alexander

Author of  Note Of Peril

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Hannah Alexander's Bio:

Hannah Alexander is the pen name for the husband-and-wife writing team Dr. Mel and Cheryl Hodde. The Hoddes began collaborating on fiction books during their first date, actually a blind date arranged by their pastor. It all began when Cheryl shocked Mel with her request, “Can you help me paralyze someone without killing him?”

Cheryl went on to explain that she was an author and needed to paralyze a character in the book she was working on. Mel, a board-certified ER physician with a degree in osteopathy, was happy to assist. This was Mel's introduction to the world of fiction and Cheryl’s introduction to medicine. They were both fascinated, and a year and a half later they were married.

The fascination grew as Mel shared more of his career experiences and Cheryl's imagination took over. Together, they generated ideas for a story. With Mel's medical input, encouragement and help with plotting, and Cheryl's writing skills gleaned over 13 years of writing, they developed their first ER-style novel.

The couple established a pen name that rightfully distinguished the two sides of their writing. Cheryl chose Hannah from the Bible meaning “she delights in the Lord.” Mel chose Alexander, meaning “servant of mankind,” drawing from his career as a physician. After 10 years of marriage, they have written 11 books as Hannah Alexander and have garnered Christy awards for their work.

Mel and Cheryl reside in the Missouri Ozarks, where they like to set the majority of their books.