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Pam Farrel's Bio:

Pam Farrel is a dynamic and accomplished speaker, author, and discipleship coach. Together, she and her husband, Bill, direct Masterful Living, a ministry dedicated to delivering practical help and hope to relationships. Farrel’s personal ministry experience stems from directing the women’s program in her church, working with youth, and hosting a radio talk show.

Speaking to thousands of women across the country through her Woman of Influence seminars, Farrel offers inspiration and instruction based on sound biblical truths. In focusing on relationships with loved ones and friends, she passionately leads women to a more intimate union with God where they will see Him as the foundation for every need, purpose, and desire.

Farrel’s heart for women is shared in the many books she has written to encourage them, including Woman of Confidence: Wisdom for Achieving with Integrity; Stepping Out: On the Pathway to Your Dreams; Hats Off!: A Celebration of Women; and Women in Leadership.

In her newest release, The 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make, Farrel offers biblically-grounded counsel and practical tools that inspire women to embrace their God-given uniqueness, gifts, and talents. Those who long to discover a sense of purpose and fulfillment will appreciate Farrel’s wisdom and humor as she moves them to stop pleasing people and start pleasing God, look for positive places to utilize their creativity and energy, understand the value of their time and efforts, and assess their individual strengths and skills.

In addition to authoring or coauthoring more than 20 books, including the bestselling Men Are Like Waffles Women Are Like Spaghetti, Woman of Influence, Why Men and Women Act the Way They Do, and Love to Love You, Farrel has used her writing talents as a regular columnist for Tapestry and Christian Bride. Many of her articles have also appeared in Just Between Us, Discipleship Journal, Women Alive!, Enrichment, and Focus on the Family publications. Her seminars and books have been endorsed by many of today’s leaders including Beverly LaHaye, Jill Briscoe, Florence Littauer, P.B. Wilson, John Trent, Jerry B. Jenkins, and Carol Kent. Tapping into her keen ability to inspire and equip women to reach their God-given potential, Farrel has served numerous organizations, including the Network of Evangelical Women in Ministry, Ministry Wives International, and Women’s Ministry Institute. Together, Farrel and her husband write a monthly newspaper column that appears in several cities in the U.S. and Canada. They are frequent radio and TV guests, appearing on shows such as Truths That Transform, Concerned Women for America, Parent Talk, Family Life Today, 100 Huntley Street, The James Robison Show, Open House, Moody Broadcasting Network, Lifetime TV specials, and NBC’s Men are from Mars Women are from Venus.