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John Fischer's Bio:

John Fischer is a multi-talented songwriter, speaker, singer, and author who utilizes his creative talents to stir others to a new understanding of faith and what it means to live that faith in today’s world.

In his latest book, Fearless Faith, John issues a wake-up call to believers who have retreated to the safety of the contemporary Christian subculture, urging them to head out into the world to change lives through acts of love, intelligent conversation, and genuine compassion for others. “Today, Christians reluctantly work in the secular world. I want them to welcome opportunities to move in the world,” explains John. “The book is not about evangelizing; it’s about being a witness by living out your Christian life on a daily basis.”

In the late 60s, John recorded The Cold Cathedral, an album of Christian folksongs that was a part of a spiritual renewal — a search for meaning that marked a new quest for inner solutions to global problems. John was giving birth to a new expression of Christianity while writing and recording songs that youth groups, Young Life clubs, and retreat groups would later sing over and over again — songs such as “Have You Seen Jesus My Lord?”, “Look All Around You”, and “The All Day Song.”

Now, twelve albums and eleven books later, John still has the same objective — to carry on a spiritual dialogue with real life and real people. John’s most recent CDs include Some Folks’ World, Wide Angle, Casual Crimes, Between the Answers, and Dark Horse. His first foray into fiction, Saint Ben, received high praise in Christianity Today and a Silver Angel award for fiction. Other fiction works include Ashes on the Wind, The Saint’s and Angel’s Song, and Dark Horse. John’s nonfiction books include 12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee (like me), What on Earth Are We Doing?, On A Hill Too Far Away, Making Real What I Already Believe, True Believers Don’t Ask Why, and Real Christians Don’t Dance.

Since 1980, John has written a monthly column in CCM magazine. His importance as a trusted voice within contemporary Christianity was recognized in 2000 when he received the Evangelical Press Association Higher Goals in Christian Journalism first place award. John hosts a weekly radio show, “Wide Angle with John Fischer” and has been interviewed on many radio programs throughout the United States, including Let’s Talk, Talk the Walk, Midday Connection, Today’s Issues, Conversations, and Prime Time America. He writes a regular column, “What in the World Are We Doing?” for; and is a featured columnist for Walk Through the Bible’s latest devotional magazine, InDeed. John’s articles have been published in numerous magazines including New Man, Discipleship Journal, and Moody Magazine and many are featured on his website.

John graduated from Wheaton College, Illinois. He is on the Thomas F. Staley list of distinguished speakers for Christian colleges and is a thought-provoking speaker who incorporates music into his talks at seminars, camps, conferences, churches, and retreats all across the country.

He and his wife, Marti, and newly adopted son reside in Laguna Beach, California. They also have a son who is a recent college graduate now training to be a firefighter and a daughter who is in college.

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