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Craig Parshall

Author of  Missing Witness

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Craig Parshall's Bio:
Craig Parshall is a trial attorney who argues cases around the nation involving Christian civil liberties, constitutional rights, and pro-family issues. The author of both fiction and nonfiction, he addresses audiences across the country on a wide variety of cultural, public policy, and conservative civil-liberties issues, from debating the ACLU in Washington to lecturing filmmakers in Hollywood. He has developed an emphasis on globalism and future trends, combining his keen interest in history with a sharp eye for breaking events—a theme reflected in his fiction.

As a lawyer, Parshall has represented clients before state supreme courts, federal circuit courts of appeal, and the U.S. Supreme Court. He has testified before Congress on constitutional rights issues and, during the 105th Congress, worked with public policy leaders, legal experts, and members of Congress to draft the Religious Freedom Amendment. Parshall’s writings have appeared in numerous books and magazines. He has coauthored three books—Tough Faith (Harvest House), The Light in the City (Thomas Nelson), and Traveling Pilgrim’s Path (Tyndale)—with his wife, Janet, who hosts the nationally syndicated radio talk show,Janet Parshall’s America.

Parshall’s foray into fiction, the CHAMBERS OF JUSTICE SERIES including The Resurrection File, Custody of the State, and The Accused, continues to receive critical acclaim.

The fourth installment in his CHAMBERS OF JUSTICE SERIES, Missing Witness, finds former ACLU lawyer-turned-Christian-advocate Will Chambers fighting for his life as he works to resolve a 300-year-old criminal charge of piracy along North Carolina’s fabled Outer Banks coast. Will soon learns that the “golden age of piracy” is not over and that modern-day pirates ruthlessly sail the seas today in the illegal pursuit of ocean treasures and to conduct drug smuggling operations.

Parshall shares his approach to developing a biblical worldview with audiences nationwide, encouraging them to incorporate a biblically sound worldview on cultural, moral, and spiritual issues. He addresses some of the most important issues of the day, including abortion, euthanasia, parental rights, homosexuality, religious freedom, legal trends, the moral dimension of cinema, the Middle East, and current political and world events.

An engaging media guest, Parshall has discussed legal issues on many national TV and radio programs, including The Today Show, NBC’s Homeshow, Inside Edition, National Public Television, CNN’s Talk Back Live, C-SPAN, Court TV, National Public Radio, and CBS Radio. His cases have been featured in numerous publications, such as USA Today, The New York Times, National Law Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, and Boston Globe. Parshall’s novels have prompted interviews on numerous programs, including CTN Live, Getting Together, His Place, Primetime America, The Harvest Show, and At Home Live!

Parshall holds degrees from Carroll College and Marquette University Law School. He and Janet are parents to two daughters and two sons and are enjoying their role as grandparents.