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Cynthia Yates's Bio:

Cynthia Yates is an award-winning writer who enthusiastically imparts Christian living and stewardship lessons as a radio personality, humor columnist, author, and speaker. A former single mom who abhors waste, she has parlayed skills of survival, practicality, and common sense into a successful ministry. Her nonfiction books—Living Well on One Income, 1001 Bright Ideas to Stretch Your Dollars, The Complete Guide to Creative Gift Giving, and Money & Me: A Woman’s Guide to Financial Confidence—have been well-received as has her novel, Brenda’s Gift.

In her newest release, Ditch the Diet and the Budget, Yates explores the social, psychological, and cultural influences that contribute to people waking up one day and finding themselves 20 lbs. overweight and $20,000 in debt—with no idea how they got there. She explains how yo-yo dieting and spending are the result of “striving to arrive” and that when people examine their personal and economic status and set realistic goals, they are more likely to experience contentment. Yates offers an effective plan toward accumulating less and enjoying it more. With keen insight, she shares practical suggestions on how to live simply and celebrate lavishly, reconnect with primary relationships, recognize God’s purpose for living, and reject cultural guides that sabotage sound stewardship.

Yates has been heard on an impressive roster of Midwest radio stations for 15 years where she has discussed everything from Halloween to war. Her Spirit of the Age show on KALS Christian Radio in Kalispell, Montana, explored cults, apologetics, and moral and cultural issues from a biblical worldview during its eight-year run. In addition, Yates’ Just Say the Word inspirational sound bites were a popular daily feature on KALS. She served as guest commentator on Larry Burkett’s How to Manage Your Money program, and for five years dispensed weekly five-minute frugal lifestyle tidbits on KFUO in St. Louis, Missouri.

On the lighter side, Yates’ UpBeat humor column, which garnered a Montana Press Association award, has been in print for 20 years and is widely circulated by the Lakeshore Country Journal of Bigfork, Montana. She has also had many articles published in national magazines such as Family Circle, Focus on the Family, Decision, and Marriage Partnership.

As well as being interviewed on regional and national radio stations such as Focus on the Family, and presenting numerous commentaries aired by The 700 Club, she has been a popular guest on 100 Huntley Street, The Harvest Show, Total Living Live, On Main Street, The Gayle King Show, HGTV, and PBS in Washington D.C.

Yates is a sought-after speaker for youth retreats, women’s events, church functions, and clergy conferences. She created the food pantry in Bigfork and also found it a privilege to teach life skills to residents at the Union Gospel Mission in Washington D.C. Her life experiences include owning a café in the middle of nowhere, life-guarding, and working as an Emergency Medical Technician.

Raised in New York, she and her husband, Joseph, live on their 10-acre “Ragtime Farm” in Montana and frequently visit their son, Joshua, daughter-in-law, Molly, and grandchildren in Virginia.

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