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Mike Haley's Bio:

Mike Haley is the Director of Gender Issues for Focus on the Family. A sought-after speaker and media guest, Haley strives to educate and protect others from the destructive path of homosexuality. The insight he offers into the causes and treatments of homosexuality stem from his own 12-year experience as a gay teen and young adult.

Because of his concern for youth, Haley earned a degree in Christian education from Biola University and spent four years as a mental health counselor specializing in the treatment of adolescent personality disorders. He then fulfilled a lifelong dream by serving as a youth pastor at Central Church, one of the largest churches in Memphis, Tennessee. Currently, he serves as chairman of the board for Exodus International, the nationís foremost organization helping men and women overcome homosexuality.

In his new book, 101 Frequently Asked Questions About Homosexuality, Haley creates a valuable resource in asking and answering the many questions that surround what can be a secretive, confusing, and divisive issue. Haley clarifies the basic components of homosexuality before addressing questions raised by family members, friends, men, and women. In an effort to equip the Church, Haley teaches pastors and laypersons how to respond to those who struggle with sexual identity. Questions about theology, culture, science, the gay community and agenda are addressed, and Haley also offers guidance to those who desire to change.

Haley has written for such publications as Single Parent and Plugged In and has produced a Focus booklet called Straight Answers: Exposing the Myths and Facts about Homosexuality. He has also been featured in Focus and Citizen magazines, National Liberty Journal, and in Dr. James Dobsonís new book, Marriage Under Fire.

Through Focus on the Family, Haley helps coordinate ďLove Won OutĒ conferences, which deliver accurate information on the causes and prevention of homosexuality. A frequent speaker at churches, colleges, public schools, and youth groups, he shares his personal testimony and discusses the root causes of homosexuality, how the church can better respond, cultural awareness, and the gay agenda. He recently addressed 10,000 Southern Baptist pastors at a national conference and was a speaker at Youth for Christís DC/LA 2000.

Since 1992, Haley has appeared in a number of educational videos including Reaching into the Closet, A Journey Out, and Dr. Dobsonís Bringing Up Boys, which discusses his personal journey out of homosexuality. As a media guest, he has been interviewed on television shows produced by ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, DayStar, and Fox TV. He has been interviewed on radio broadcasts such as Focus on the Family, Janet Parshallís America, and In Focus.

Haley and his wife, Angie, have been married for ten years and have two young sons.