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Bob Barnes's Bio:

Bob Barnes and his wife of 47 years, Emilie, are partners in the highly successful More Hours In My Day Ministries. Bob serves as administrator for the ministry and is also a successful author.

For more than 36 weekends each year for many years, Bob and Emilie have traveled around the nation to special events, churches, and seminars where Emilie has spoken on a variety of topics, including time and life management, marriage, and relationships. Since Emilie was stricken with cancer nearly four years ago, their ministry now includes personal insights from both Bob and Emilie as they have experienced Godís healing power, as well as His comfort, strength, hope, and faithfulness in the midst of a devastating illness.

This season, Bob and Emilie co-authored Minute Meditations for Couples and Bob wrote Walking Together in Wisdom: Godís Proverbs for Fathers and Their Sons. Minute Meditations for Couples allows Bob and Emilie to reach deep into their hearts to share how their faith has endured and grown in the face of their biggest challenge - Emilieís battle with cancer. With refreshing honesty, Bob and Emilie share how adversity often draws committed couples together. Each of the devotionalís daily readings are filled with insights for strengthening the intimate bond of married couples. Emphasis is placed on prayers and discussion that offer encouragement, hope, and practical applications of Godís Word.

In Walking Together in Wisdom, Bob demonstrates how fathers can build a Christian legacy with their sons through the book of Proverbs. Finding that it addresses almost every facet of human behavior, including teachings on folly, sin, goodness, wealth, poverty, speaking, pride, humility, justice, vengeance, strife, gluttony, love, lust, laziness, friends, family, life, and death, Bob encourages all men to apply the principles of the Proverbs to their daily lives.

Bob provides time-sensitive ways for men to draw closer to God with daily readings in his previous devotional books, Minute Meditations for Men and 15 Minutes Alone with God for Men.

With an M.A. in education, Bob taught for many years at the elementary and junior high school grade levels and was later a public school principal in Southern California. Embarking on a second successful career, Bob served as vice president of a mobile home and factory-built housing corporation for 14 years before he and Emilie made the decision, in 1982, to put their time solely into the development of their ministry. Bob has always had a heart for ministry and education. He has served the church as an elder and as a teaching leader for various Christian education groups including menís ministries and college classes. He and Emilie have appeared on numerous national radio and television programs and have been featured in many major publications.

Residents of Newport Beach, California, Bob and Emilie Barnes have two grown children who have blessed them with five grandchildren.

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