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Ralph O. Muncaster's Bio:

Dr. Ralph Muncaster became an atheist though he spent 1,456 hours in church and Sunday school as a child. A highly successful businessman and hardcore Bible skeptic, he openly criticized Christians for their beliefs, until a colleague challenged him to prove the Bible wrong. Extensive research lead him to Christ and now Dr. Muncaster speaks on apologetics and world religions at colleges, churches, and organizations in support of the God he once rejected. As founder of the Institute of Contemporary Christian Faith, Dr. Muncaster has dedicated himself to helping others discover evidence to strengthen their faith.

Before embarking on the challenge that lead him to the truth. Dr. Muncaster spent 25 years working in executive marketing and consulting with Fortune 500 companies.

A prolific writer, Dr. Muncaster is the author of 101 Reasons You Can Believe, Evidence for Jesus, Dismantling Evolution, A Skeptic’s Search for God, and the widely respected Examine the Evidence Series with titles such as: Dinosaurs and the Bible, Can You Trust the Bible?, How is Jesus Different from Other Religious Leaders?, Why Does God Allow Suffering?, What Is the Trinity?, Can Archaeology Prove the Old Testament?, Does the Bible Predict the Future?, Science—Was the Bible Ahead of Its Time?, What Really Happens When You Die?, What Is the Proof for the Resurrection?, and How to Talk About Jesus with the Skeptics in Your Life.

In his newest release, Examine the Evidence, Dr. Muncaster encourages men and women to discover what they believe and why. By investigating the reliability of the Bible, origin of the universe, Scriptural prophecy, history and archaeology, resurrection, and uniqueness of Jesus, He demonstrates how Christianity is supported by facts. This fun, easy-to-use guide for individual or group learning features fascinating facts, self tests, group activities, and key memory points and summary sections that can be used to defend the Christian faith.

A sought-after speaker, Dr. Muncaster has been invited to speak at a mosque in Orange County where he lectured on the reliability of the Bible, the Johnson Space Center in Texas where he addressed NASA scientists, and to many seminars and events including the Coral Ridge “Reclaiming America for Christ” conference. He has also taught apologetics, communications, and business courses as an adjunct college professor.

An engaging media guest, Dr. Muncaster has appeared on The 700 Club, PAX TV’s Encounters with the Unexplained, and on many other national shows produced by Trinity Broadcasting Network, LeSea Broadcasting, Christian Television Network, DayStar Television, Coral Ridge Ministries, Crossroads Christian Communications, FamilyNet Television, and Cornerstone Television Network. He has also been heard on radio shows such as D. James Kennedy’s Truths that Transform, Midday Connection, Janet Parshall’s America, Crosstalk, and Today’s Issues.

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