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Stephen Skelton's Bio:

Stephen Skelton, an experienced TV writer and producer, has served as a writer-producer with Dick Clark Productions and as head writer for the television show America’s Dumbest Criminals, which was distributed worldwide by World Vision, an Aaron Spelling company.

Soon after, Skelton founded The Entertainment Ministry to promote the biblical model for using secular entertainment to reveal spiritual truth. His passion has led to popular video-based Bible studies such as The Andy Griffith Show Bible Study, The Lucy Show Bible Study, The Beverly Hillbillies Bible Study, and The Superman Bible Study.

In his new book, The Gospel According to the World’s Greatest Superhero, Skelton asks: Did you know that Superman and his father share the last name “El”—Hebrew for “God”? Or that his earthly parents were originally named “Mary” and “Joseph”? And that his enemy is called “Lex Luthor”—a name suspiciously close to “Lucifer”? Did you know that the Superman storytellers based Superman on Jesus on purpose? Read on!

“The metaphor was clearly there when Jor-El (the father) sends Superman to Earth with God sending Christ to save humanity.”—Tom Mankiewicz, writer of Superman: The Movie with Christopher Reeve

“Superman is the Jesus Christ of superheroes.” And Superman Returns is “a story about what happens when messiahs come back...”—Bryan Singer, director of Superman Returns, 2006

This summer, Superman will land in the blockbuster Superman Returns. The last son of Krypton can reveal much about Jesus Christ—just as the story of Christ can in turn explain the worldwide appeal of Superman. Amazingly, the Superman storytellers confirm that they modeled Superman after Jesus. Next, Skelton explains the hidden meanings of the famous blue suit, red cape, and yellow “S” shield. Finally, he exposes the gospel parallels of the Superman movies, TV shows, and comics to the death, burial, resurrection, and second coming.

An engaging media guest, Skelton has been interviewed by New York Times Magazine, Gannett News Service, Statesman Journal, Rocky Mountain News, Nevada Appeal, The Shelby Star, Austin Daily Herald, York Daily Record, Dallas Morning News, and CBA Marketplace (now Aspiring Retail). He is also represented for speaking by the Nashville Speakers Bureau.

Skelton is a graduate of Vanderbilt University with majors in English and Human & Organizational Development. He and his family live in Metropolis (well, actually, Nashville).

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