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Ellie Lofaro's Bio:
In her fourth and latest book, Leap of Faith, much-loved author, Bible teacher, and popular con-ference speaker Ellie Lofaro challenges readers to do more than just live life, but to leap into the arms of God and live an extraordinary life of faith. Ellie uses scripture in concert with her amazing life experiences, as well as her love for family and friends, to communicate that God’s love has no limits, ever.

Leap of Faith is Ellie Lofaro’s passionate life message that she has shared with many thousands through her speaking ministry. Readers will be encouraged by the personal and passionate application of scriptural truth that is the foundation of Ellie’s life. Whether talking about life with her husband and three children, providing behind-the-scenes glimpses of being a conference speaker, or simply being an observer of life, Ellie communicates well the joyful, yet high, stakes of being a Christian. Leap of Faith is for everyone—the seeker who needs to know more about the vast love of God or the believer who needs to be reminded of God’s faithfulness. Ellie shows readers that God is true to His word, never late, and—no matter what—He is our constant companion. An added bonus, Leap of Faith includes a study guide for personal reflection and development. It is convenient for either individual or small group use.

Ellie Lofaro has a national ministry as an author, conference speaker, and Bible teacher. Many thousands have been touched by her ability to bring poignant revelation, grace, and humor into life’s most difficult and challenging situations. With warmth, wit, and wisdom, she shares a pas-sion for evangelism and exhortation. Ellie, and her husband Frank, and their three teenagers live in Virginia, near the nation’s capital.

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