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Brian Jones's Bio:
Brian Jones is a self-described “regular guy,” and he has the gift of explaining profound spiritual truths in a way anyone can understand. He is senior pastor of Christ’s Church of the Valley, an innovative community of faith he and his wife started in 2000 in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Today more than 1,000 people call CCV their spiritual home.

With the release of his first book, Second Guessing God: Hanging On When You Can’t See His Plan, Brian finally puts in book form what he’s been writing, speaking, and thinking about for almost twenty years: doubt, struggle, grace, and the will to believe in the face of life’s greatest storms.

Brian’s greatest joy is what he describes as his spiritual calling in life: “experiencing life with a pen in [his] hand.” Readers connect with his humor, authenticity, and laugh-out-loud storytelling. In Second Guessing God, Brian opens up his soul to let his readers take a peek at the beauty and tragedy of his own life—the family members he has buried, the friends he has consoled, and the strange and inspiring people he’s met along the way. What we find is a journey not unlike our own, mixed with simple but profound insights from the Bible to point the way home even in the darkest of nights.

Brian has a bachelor of arts from Cincinnati Christian University, a master of divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and has served in leadership positions in churches for almost twenty years. His humorous and raw style has made him a popular speaker for conferences, seminars, churches, and retreats. Brian is passionate about the areas of Christian growth and spirituality, family and relationships, Christianity and popular culture, and innovative approaches to spiritual leadership. Brian has served on the national boards of various parachurch associations and was the president of the National New Church Conference in 1998.

Through his Web site,, Brian e-mails a weekly e-newsletter, Non-Religious Devotional Thoughts, which is designed to challenge both Christians and the spiritually undecided to move forward in their spiritual journeys. Brian’s passion is to show how the Bible and the great Christian teachers of the past provide practical solutions to help make life work.

For seventeen years Brian has been married to “that cute little girl with the big brown eyes” he met in fifth grade church camp. Now he and his wife Lisa have three little girls of their own: Kelsey, Chandler, and Camryn

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