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Roger Troy Wilson's Bio:
Roger Troy Wilson is the founder of a multimillion dollar corporation, a TV newscaster, a Club golf and tennis champion, and a partner in a Wall Street brokerage firm and an oil and gas company. He had achieved success after success in life, but just couldn't overcome his only meaningful failure . . . his obesity. Then, after trying and failing at diet after diet, he decided that because doctors and nutritionists hold such widely varying views on how and what to eat in order to lose weight, the only logical way to find the answers would be to use trial and error to discover what works and doesn't work. With the help of God, he came up with those answers and wrote a book that reveals them-Let's Do Lunch. In the process he lost 230 pounds and 24 inches from his waist and has kept it off for years. Wilson and his wife Anita reside in Bonita Springs, Florida.

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