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Marlee LeDai's Bio:
Marlee LeDai’s love of family, adventure, and women’s culture characterizes her life. With an eye on stories that offer healing and inspiration, LeDai has lived and worked in a variety of countries including Israel, Denmark, and England as well as at Francis and Edith Schaefer’s L’Abri community in the Swiss Alps. As a journalist, she has traveled widely in Israel (between the Munich massacre and the Yom Kippur War); behind the Iron Curtain (during the Cold War); through Turkey’s religious sites; and along Normandy’s D-Day trail, interviewing both locals and American veterans for the anniversary celebration.

A former editor and columnist for the women’s magazine, Virtue, and a contributing editor to Aspire magazine, LeDai has authored more than 25 books, including her 2004 release, Living Spaces (Revell), published more than 150 magazine and Web articles, and contributed as an editor and writer to several other works, including Keeper of the Springs with Ingrid Trobisch, Tyndale House Publishers’ The Family Bible, and Focus on the Family’s Caring for Aging Loved Ones, as well as books by Barbara Johnson. She translated the stories of Hans Christian Andersen from old-world Danish into English—and contributed to other best-selling editions (more than 7 million books sold). Her children’s book Grandpa and Me: We Learn About Death received the C.S. Lewis Gold Medallion Award. LeDai has appeared on Focus on the Family with James Dobson and been featured in the Chicago Tribune.

Speaking about making a house a home, travel, and life pilgrimage, LeDai leads workshops for women in transition and serves as a mentor on moving forward. She teaches on the spiritual voices of women at and has helped launch, sponsored by the Damaris Project, which seeks to nurture faith in America’s educated professional women. LeDai earned her certification as a spiritual director from the Art of Sacred Living Center in Bend, OR, and also serves on the executive board of Freedom in the Son, Inc., a ministry to incarcerated women in Oregon.

The mother of three grown daughters and now a grandmother, LeDai enjoys hiking, fly fishing, and snowboarding in the Pacific Northwest, where she lives.