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Steve Keels & L. Kimbrough

Author of  Up Close With Jesus

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Steve Keels & L. Kimbrough's Bio:
Steve Keels is a widely respected Pastor of Student Ministries who has worked with young people at Good Shepherd Community Church in Portland, Oregon since 1978. He oversees the youth program development for the Junior High and High School ministries, which have a combined total of 700 kids in attendance at church each week.

Most recently, Steve conceptualized and helped produce the TruthQuest Inductive Student Bible, available from Holman Bible Publishers. TruthQuest is designed to intensely facilitate the spiritual growth of teenagers. It features study questions without answers that lead the reader deeper into the Scriptures, thus activating their inductive reasoning. Questions are placed where answers can be found and are followed by wide lined margins for personal note taking.

"Time has taught me that teenagers are extremely bright and don't like to be patronized. They learn more by discovery than by being told," says Keels. "TruthQuest is designed to lead teenagers into the discovery of biblical truths. By finding their own answers to study questions and writing personal thoughts in the margins, teenagers will take ownership in the Bible and in Christianity. It will be the truth they have discovered themselves."

Steve and his wife, Sue, have six children.

Lawrence Kimbrough is an editor of gift and devotional books for B&H. He has written and compiled several B&H titles, including Men and Women of Character, 90 Days with the Christian Classics, and the One Minute Bible for Starters. He has also worked as a copywriter for LifeWay Christian Stores and as a staff writer for the Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach. He and his wife, Kim, home-school their two daughters and live in Columbia, Tennessee.