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Vicki Courtney

Author of  Your Boy

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Vicki Courtney's Bio:

Vicki Courtney is the founder of Virtuous Reality Ministries and, an online magazine for middle school and high school girls. She is a nationally acclaimed speaker and the author of several best-selling books. Through her ministry and books, she confronts the cultural concerns facing children and their parents today and offers a blueprint for addressing these issues. Touted as the “poster child” for a new and better women’s movement, Courtney’s goal is to counteract the empty promises peddled by America’s consumer-driven culture and offer the younger generation the real thing: a relationship with God.

Courtney experienced her “Aha!” moment during her junior year at the University of Texas at Austin. Courtney, a self-professed agnostic and feminist at the time, strongly opposed the Christian faith, but reluctantly joined a friend at a Christian conference of her peers. She then realized the emptiness she experienced in her everyday life could only be satisfied by Jesus Christ. A devout Christian, Courtney’s faith is the inspiration behind her writing.

Deeply concerned about modern culture’s negative influence on girls’ self-esteem and behavior, Courtney vowed to initiate a positive change, thus creating Virtuous Reality Ministries. Today, what began in the kitchen of Courtney's home in 1998 with one volunteer has grown into a staff of six women and countless volunteers. Virtuous Reality has become a thriving national ministry reaching over 150,000 girls and mothers a year through its website, resources and events.

Courtney’s first book, Your Girl: Raising a Godly Daughter in an Ungodly World, and its accompanying journal for mothers, “Yada Yada,” was released in April 2004, topping CBA’s best seller list within the first month. Her experience parenting her own daughter launched the idea for her next book, TeenVirtue: Real Issues, Real Life…A Teen Girl’s Survival Guide (April 2005), which emphasizes virtue over vogue through articles and quizzes that show teen girls a better way to live.

Courtney’s success with Your Girl and TeenVirtue helped her realize that her commitment to inspiring young women could also be extended to young men. As a mother of two boys, she offers advice and wisdom in the April release of Your Boy, which addresses the many problems plaguing teenage boys throughout the maturation process. In June, Courtney will also release TeenVirtue 2, a magabook focusing on teen girls’ relationships with family, friends, guys and God.

Courtney currently resides in Austin, Texas with her husband, Keith, and their three children.

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