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Robert L. Wise

Author of The Narrow Door at Colditz

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Robert L. Wise's Bio:
Having spent more than thirty-five years traveling all over the world, Robert L. Wise has been in more than fifty-five countries and keeps moving on. These far flung adventures equipped him to write a wide-range of stories from personal experience. During the days of the Cold War, Dr. Wise spent time in both Russia and the Eastern Block countries where he was followed by secret police as well as worked with members of the underground church. From these experiences, the world of political intrigue became familiar territory. In addition, he worked in South Africa during Apartheid and secured the release of the Swiss clergyman Francios Bill who had been jailed for writing a liturgy commemorating a black uprising. All provide fuel for Dr. Wise's stories.

With a Jewish family background, Wise has explored both the Christian and Jewish faith with visits to Israel for over thirty years. He has personally visited the entire length of the country, finding story churning clues everywhere from Mt. Sinai to the Golan Heights. He uses many of these personal experiences in both his fiction and non-fiction works.

Dr. Wise's work toward a Ph.D. combined studies in psychology with theology, equipping him for a deeper look into the human personality. His expertise in the inner world of people has helped him develop many of the themes in his non-fiction books that range from understanding dreams to dealing with fear and the "Crazymakers" that can drive us crazy. A totally unexpected spiritual healing experience in the late '60's saved Dr.Wise's life and sent him on an exploration of how Christian healing restores the sick that he has worked with throughout his entire life. He is currently an Archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches with congregations across the world. In his books, Wise combines all of these elements into exciting, riveting themes that grip readers attention.

Favorite books/authors from childhood/adulthood Childhood: Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, Dickens, A Child's Garden of Verses, Robert Louis Stevenson. Adulthood: Joan Didion, Elmore Leonard, Frederick Forsyth, Howard Blum, Henry Chancellor, Susan Howatch, Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Winston Groom, John & Elizabeth Sherrill, Elie Wiesel, William Styron The Susan Howatch series, Glamorous Powers, Ultimate Prizes, etc. Forrest Gump, The Hiding Place, Night, Sophies Choice.

Robert L. Wise, Ph.D., is an archbishop, lecturer, and Bible teacher who has spoken throughout Europe and the Far East. He is vice president of Feed the Children and a member of the Writer's Guild of New York City. He lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.