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Graham & Treena Kerr's Bio:
Graham Kerr is an internationally known culinary and television personality, award winning author, and master of metaphorical speaking. His focus is on serving people who want to make healthy, creative, lifestyle changes and believes that the only lasting changes are the ones that we enjoy.

Graham was born in London, UK in 1934, educated in England and served in the British Army as a Captain. He then went to New Zealand in 1958 and served as Chief Catering Advisor (ENZAF).

Graham began doing television programs in New Zealand in 1960. From there, he went to Australia and on to Canada, where he began making the popular “Galloping Gourmet” series, which was distributed to a worldwide audience of 200 Million. Kerr spent over forty-three years on television and in other media circles and has aired over 1,700 programs including broadcasts in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Asia, Africa, United Kingdom, and Europe. Many of his programs are still airing on PBS,, The Food Channel, and other locations throughout the world through syndication. His most recent Television program is called The Gathering Place, which is a series of specials that aired internationally, and then on Public Television in the USA.

From January 1996 through April 2000, Graham was an Editor -at- Large for Cooking Light, the world’s most widely circulated Epicurean magazine with a readership of 5.7 million. He is also an award winning author of 28 books, and has sold 14 million copies.

Today, Graham is a popular speaker, and travels the country speaking to various audiences from health and nutrition, to turning habits that harm into resources that heal. He is married to Treena, his wife of 52 years, and they reside in Washington State. They have three children, and six grandchildren.

Treena Kerr was born in Dover, England in 1934. She was educated in England, married Graham Kerr in 1955, and her early career was in professional theatre.

In 2000, Treena wrote a poetry book called Substance in Shadow, which sold so many copies that it went into a second printing. She has since revised, updated, and added to the book, which was re-released in January 2005. In 2004, she also co-authored a book with Graham called Charting a Course to Wellness.

A new adventure is waiting for both Graham and Treena Kerr. Treena will be teaching with Graham on “Outdulgence” and inner attitudes at Hospitals, Churches, and Universities as they travel in their RV called “Gratitude” with a toady called “Mercy.” They will be traveling all over the United States to small villages or towns or wherever they are lead. This, God willing, will be a four to five year tour.

When not speaking and traveling in their RV, the Kerr’s reside in Washington State, and have three grown children, and six grandchildren.