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Lynne M. Baab's Bio:
Lynne M. Baab writes: “The time is right to learn about rest from the long Jewish sabbath tradition. The need is great. The frantic pace, the exhaustion that accompanies it and the resulting emptiness call us back to a rhythm that includes stopping and resting.”

Baab first learned the difference a day off—a sabbath—makes when she lived in Tel Aviv, Israel, for eighteen months. The distractions of life stopped each Friday for the Jewish sabbath. “There was simply nothing to do,” Baab recalls. Baab and her husband quickly discovered what a gift “nothing to do” is. “We learned to slow way down,” Lynne says. “Relishing the silence, we got up slowly, . . . went for long walks, read for hours at a time. . . . Something about that quiet time with no options felt rich and full.”

The Baab family has observed a sabbath ever since. In her new book Sabbath Keeping: Finding Freedom in the Rhythms of Rest Lynne describes what a sabbath is and how to incorporate one into your busy life. With collected insights from sabbath keepers of all ages and backgrounds, Baab helps you to understand the history of sabbath and how to do without a “to do” list, and she offers ideas on how to start observing a sabbath in a way that enriches your relationships, work and faith.

Lynne M. Baab (M.Div., Fuller Theological Seminary) is a Presbyterian minister based in Seattle, Washington, where she served as associate pastor of Bethany Presbyterian Church (1997-2004). Currently, she has left the active pastorate to pursue doctoral studies at the University of Washington. She has written Personality Type in Congregations: How to Work with Others More Effectively (Alban Institute, 1998), Embracing Midlife: Congregations as Support Systems, (Alban Institute, 1999), A Renewed Spirituality: Finding Fresh Paths at Midlife (IVP, 2002) and Beating Burnout in Congregations (Alban Institute, 2003).