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Robert Whitlow

Author of  Life Support

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Robert Whitlow's Bio:
It has taken Robert Whitlow less than a decade to become one of America’s leading fiction authors. Since 2000, he has released four acclaimed legal suspense novels: The List, The Sacrifice, and The Trial, and Life Support, (July 2003). In 2001, Whitlow’s second novel, The Trial, won a Christy award in the Contemporary Christian Fiction category.

Whitlow spent several years as a lawyer in Dalton, GA before he began writing novels. After several years of running his own firm, Whitlow moved to Charlotte in 1996 to focus on his writing. Although he continues to practice law at a firm in Charlotte, this move has allowed him to devote more of his time to his love for writing.

Whitlow’s writing draws upon his experience as a lawyer, as well as his gift for describing vivid, spectral scenery to construct dramatic legal suspense novels. Like an artist who paints a picture slowly and methodically, Whitlow has a way of detailing his works in a way that immerses each reader in a world of legal and personal conflict.

However, unlike other legal suspense writers such as John Grisham, he writes from a Christian point of view. A life-long Christian, Whitlow knows first-hand how often law and faith overlap in the midst of many of today’s moral conflicts. Whitlow is very active in many Christian causes, such as Christian conciliation where he offers Christian conciliation services to Christians in conflict as an alternative to the civil courts. He has also published many articles about Christians who have influenced their generation. Although he does not prefer to be restricted by the label ‘Christian fiction,’ Publisher’s Weekly called Whitlow, “the Christian answer to John Grisham.” Whitlow believes that “faith is a part of life, therefore it ought to be part of the story.”

When Whitlow is not practicing law or writing, he enjoys spending time with his wife and four sons outdoors. He enjoys jogging, reading, and trout fishing. He also finds time to write for the Morning Star Journal. Whitlow currently lives with his wife and children in Charlotte, NC.

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