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Richard L. Ganz's Bio:
Dr. Richard Ganz was born in New York City, and raised in a Jewish home. He graduated from the City University of New York with a degree in Psychology. He then earned his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Wayne State University. After a year’s internship at Wayne State University Medical Center, in Detroit, Michigan, he followed that with a year of Post-Doctoral study at Upstate Medical Center, in Syracuse, New York, where he was later on the Clinical Faculty of the Department of Psychiatry, as well as teaching at Syracuse University. Following his conversion to Jesus Christ, Dr. Ganz went on to receive his theological training at Westminster Theological Seminary, where he received his Master of Divinity degree. Dr. Ganz has lectured at major secular universities and Christian Seminaries around the world such as Tokyo University, Moscow State University, Harvard University, Queens University, Belfast, The Free Evangelical Theological Academy in Switzerland, The Institute Biblique in Belgium, The Free Theological Academy in Germany, etc. He also lectures extensively in conferences and seminars. He is the Senior Pastor of the Ottawa Reformed Presbyterian Church and the President of Ottawa Theological Hall, where he is Professor of Biblical Psychology and Counseling. He and his wife Nancy, the author of the “Herein is Love” Old Testament commentary series for children. He has four daughters and lives on a farm in the Ottawa valley. His books include:

1. THOU SHALT NOT KILL: The Christian Case Against Abortion

2. FREE INDEED: Achieving Victory Over Bondage and Brokenness

3. SOLD-OUT: How The Evangelical Church Sold Its Birthright For The Pottage Of self-fulfillment (with Dr. William Edgar)

4. PSYCHOBABBLE: The Failure of Modern Psychology & The Biblical Alternative

5. THE SECRET OF SELF-CONTROL: What God Wants You To Do To Take Charge Of Your Life