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Carla Curtis's Bio:

Carla J. Curtis was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois, the Land of Lincoln. A few years after graduating from high school and a mother of a three-year old daughter, Carla took a bold step and moved to the Washington, D.C. area to begin a fresh new start in life.  After ten years of fond memories, she moved back to the Midwest to be near family.  

 In recollection, Carla has always had a passion for writing.  For instance, she distinctly remembers how intrigued she was while her fifth grade teacher explained the parts of speech to the class.  The teacher said, “A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought.” Something about this simple statement stuck with her for many years.  Learning how sentences are put together, grammar and literature soon became a love interest that would never leave her psyche.  From that very moment in her fifth grade class, Carla became passionate about writing.  She excelled in her English classes throughout her entire academic career.  

 In spite of her love for writing and literature, Carla put her “creativity juices” on hold and focused on other career aspirations.  In fact, Carla has worked in various capacities for the state and federal governments, at an independent school and currently works in Corporate America.  Nevertheless, she has never forgotten her passion for writing.  For example, she has written essays, book reviews, many letters, edited for family, friends, and co-workers and has been journaling for over fifteen years.  

She is the author and publisher of “A Single Woman’s Parenting Journey:  Survival Tidbits,” which was her first release.  Although her book wasn’t completed and published until April 2001, the conception of it began in 1996, during a plane ride.   Carla realized on this very plane ride that she would never be completely fulfilled until she pursued her dream of embarking on a literary career.  Nevertheless, it wasn’t until a few years later that she put her fears aside and took her first real step towards venturing into the literary world.  And, the rest is history.  Her sophomore book, “Grip the Rope:  Prayers for Single Mothers” is scheduled to be released December 2003.  “Grip the Rope” is a compelling book containing a prayer for each letter of the alphabet.

 In addition to her literary and work experiences, Carla attended National-Louis University where she earned both a B.S. in Management and M.S. in Managerial Leadership.  Carla lives in a Northwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois, where she is currently enjoying the empty next phase of her life since her daughter and granddaughter have recently moved.

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