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Max Elliot Anderson

Author of  Newspaper Caper

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Max Elliot Anderson's Bio:

Max Elliot Anderson was a reluctant reader even though he grew up surrounded by books. In fact his father has written more than 70 books. His brothers and sisters liked to read, but that didn’t change his lack of interest in books.

In spite of this he was forced to read and went on to graduate from college with a major in psychology. In 2001 he decided he wanted to discover why he grew up as a reluctant reader. He found an interesting pattern in his search. “In many instances the books I had read defied a person like me to get interested in them. The style was boring, the dialog was sometimes sparse, or when it was used, it seemed too adult. I wanted music, moving pictures, and characters on the screen – not a page of words. I was looking for action, suspense, and humor.”

After some time of introspection, he concluded, “Since I still don’t like to read, I decided to write a book that I would like.” In order to attract and keep readers, he works hard to develop books that will hold interest – especially for reluctant readers or those who think they are.

Anderson is developing an adventure series of books that will hold the interest of tweeners, 8 to13, – especially boys. He describes the series, “It is not a series where all these fantastic things that couldn’t possibly happen to any ONE of us, happens to the same kids, in the same town, over and over. My stories all have completely different characters, settings, and adventures.”

Mr. Anderson is a Vietnam era veteran of the U.S. Army. His professional life has been spent in the production of films, video programs, and television commercials. He has been involved in the production of some of the most successful Christian films for children including HOBO AND THE RUNAWY, THE MYSTERY OF WILLOUBHY CASTLE, THE GREAT BANANA PIE CAPER, and many others. His video productions have earned national awards including 3 Telly Awards (the equivalent of the Oscar for movies). He was involved in a PBS television special that won a nomination for an Emmy, and the double album won a Grammy.

He is 56 years old, married with two adult children.