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Tri Robinson with Jason Chatraw's Bio:

Pastor Tri Robinson has embarked on a journey in which he hopes to encourage the national Christian community to “rediscover their responsibility to environmental stewardship” in his book Saving God’s Green Earth.

With a degree in education and biology, Tri was a secondary science teacher for ten years before entering full time ministry. Tri Robinson is the founding and Senior Pastor of Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Boise, Idaho where he leads a growing congregation of over 3,000 members. He is also the founder of “Let’s Tend the Garden” an environmental stewardship ministry which currently serves as a model for churches across the country.

After growing up and raising his own family on the family ranch in California, Tri himself rediscovered his own value for environmental stewardship.  With the blessing of staff & church leaders, Tri approached his pulpit one Sunday to speak on this subject – only to receive a standing ovation and applause after both services!

Since that day, Tri and his congregation have enthusiastically employed their concern for the environment by participating in new & creative programs such as “Tithe Your Trash,” “Christmas Tree Reforestation,” recycling cell phones for Katrina Relief Aid, and various conservation projects throughout Idaho.

Tri’s innovative approach has caught the eye of many ministries and national organizations. Currently PBS is in production of a documentary on Christian environmentalists featuring Tri’s church.  You can also read about Tri’s work online at Ministries Today, The Idaho Statesman and the Boise Weekly.  

Tri served on the national board of directors for the Association of Vineyard Churches USA for ten years until 2004 and as a Regional Overseer for more than 100 churches. With a strong teaching background, including a Masters degree in Administrative Education, he is a sought-after conference speaker because of his driving passion to help churches build their leadership and Biblical insight. He is also the author of Revolutionary Leadership, by Ameplōn Publishing.

Tri and his wife, Nancy, live in Idaho and have two grown children, Kate and Brook.

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