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Robert James Luedke

Author of  Eye Witness (Book Four): Unknown God

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Robert James Luedke's Bio:
In December of 2001, Robert James Luedke set out to answer what he felt was a divine calling to re-enter the comic industry (after a three year absence) and create a graphic novel that would share the Gospel and honor Godís Kingdom. Since that time he has dedicated his life to creating and publishing the Award-Winning Eye Witness graphic novel series.

Robertís inspiration to craft Eye Witnessí unique adaptation of the passion story and Book of Acts, paired along with a modern-day action adventure story, has brought the biblical narrative into the hand of thousands of readers of comics, manga, and graphic novels, who might never had an interest in reading the Bible before!

Until recently the comic/graphic novel industry has largely been devoid of works with Christian content. Partly through Robertís efforts to promote Eye Witness, Eye Witness: A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth, Eye Witness: Acts of the Spirit, Eye Witness: Rise of the Apostle, Eye Witness: Unknown God the genre of Christian based comic books and graphic novels is beginning to blossom. Not only are other independent writers and artists using the literary format to express their faith, but also major publishers, (like Thomas Nelson and Zondervan), have also launched entire lines of titles to address this growing market.

Both Robert and his Eye Witness series Fox News, the L.A Times, The Washington Post, Family Net TV, CBS news, ABC news, The Harvest Show, The Christian Examiner, Christianity Today, Publishers Weekly, Wizard Magazine, Comic Buyers Guide, World Magazine and the USA radio network.

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