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Bobby and Anna Bardin & Michael Marsee

Author of The Outdoor Bible

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Bobby and Anna Bardin & Michael Marsee's Bio:
Bobby and Anna Bardin have been married for 2 and a half years and just celebrated the birth of their first child, Halsie. They both love to be surrounded by God’s creation and can be found backpacking, kayaking, hunting and climbing in their time off.

Michael’s company, Bardin & Marsee publishing, is also publishers of Disappearing Dancer and Sabbath Heart

Michael Marsee is co-developer of THE OUTDOOR BIBLE and co-founder of Bardin & Marsee Publishing. “We started Bardin & Marsee Publishing March of 2005 and released THE OUTDOOR BIBLE September 12th 2005.” With sales now entering most of the English speaking world, the interest for this very unique waterproof Bible is spreading swiftly. THE OUTDOOR BIBLE is being distributed among a growing number of retail, camp, and college stores across the US, and has already been picked up by STL distributors, Europe’s leading supplier of English language Christian books.

1 Corinthians 9:23 “I do all things for the sake of the gospel, so that I may become a fellow partaker of it.” NASB

Michael, age 27, says, “I am a musician, lay minister, raft guide, camp director, medical first responder, public safety officer, salesman, designer, chef, entrepreneur, inventor, and publisher.”

In 1996 Michael Marsee attended Carson – Newman College, in Tennessee, with an instrumental scholarship for the saxophone. Feeling the pull to ministry and more specifically outdoor ministry Marsee traveled to Vail Colorado to be part of Alpine Resort Ministry, a ministry that conducts mountaintop worship services at ski resorts across the country. Over the next nine years Marsee has ministered and worked on rivers, mountains, the corporate world, and restaurants. Recently graduating from New England Culinary Institute Marsee was awarded the most creative in his class and has worked alongside famous chefs such as Norman Van Aken.

Now fully emerged into Bardin & Marsee publishing and THE OUTDOOR BIBLE Marsee says, “the path that has lead to the creation of THE OUTDOOR BIBLE and the start of Bardin & Marsee Publishing has been formed by many small life pieces, all being extremely beneficial and a path that only God could draw together.”

Marsee, along with his business partners Bobby and Anna Bardin, has been featured on radio shows, business journals, newspapers, and magazines across the country and at times stretching abroad. “I love using to help me translate what our German friends are saying about THE OUTDOOR BIBLE in their newspapers,” says Marsee. "Our desire is to Be Inspired. Anywhere. By God’s word is why we have done this and we are not going to stop with just the New Testament. We want to make THE OUTDOOR BIBLE complete with both the New and Old Testaments and available in many translations and languages. The Bible that we most commonly think of today is great for inside our home or church but to often gets damaged or even destroyed when we are on the go. Today we are people on the go and THE OUTDOOR BIBLE is designed to go. Anywhere,” says Marsee.

Marsee loves being outside and says a few of the many activities he enjoys while out in God’s creation are backpacking, kayaking, climbing, and snowboarding. “More importantly I enjoy taking God’s word into the outdoors and the relationships that are developed during my time spent in nature, my relationship with God and those I am with,” he says.

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