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Marsha Mott Jordan

Author of  Hugs, Hope And Peanut Butter

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Marsha Mott Jordan's Bio:

Marsha Jordan is a zany Christian author and shower singer who began her writing career on the bathroom walls of St. Joseph's Catholic Elementary School.  Now her writing appears in restrooms throughout the country.  Jordan has two boys, ages 29 and 55. She's been married to the 55 year old for 30 years.

Jordan describes herself as a ten-year-old kid trapped in a grandmother's body.  She's been held captive for a quarter of a century in the north woods of Wisconsin where she shares an empty nest with her rocket scientist husband and their badly behaved toy poodle, King Louie, who rules the household with an iron paw. Jordan, who has eaten enough chocolate to make the Guinness Book of Records, spends her days ignoring her dirty oven and dreaming of the things she'd like to do but probably never will -- including overcoming the trauma of class picture day in second grade. Her hobbies (besides eating and napping) include rubber stamping, collecting antiques, riding her pet pig Shirley, and studying do-it-yourself dentistry.

After her grandson was badly burned, Jordan created The HUGS and HOPE Foundation, a nonprofit charity devoted to cheering critically ill and injured children. Through sharing the love of God and His word, Jordan strives to impress upon families in crisis that God is with them in their trials and longs for a closer relationship with them.

Jordan's inspirational and humorous essays are available in her new book, Hugs, Hope, and Peanut Butter, which is illustrated by children who are battling for life. Each "slice of life" essay includes a spiritual lesson and related Scripture.

By combining hope with humor and drawing upon her own experience of living with chronic pain and depression, Jordan shares lessons she's learned and practical coping skills. Once active and energetic, Jordan's busy schedule came to a halt when she fell victim to a connective tissue disease, causing migraines, fatigue, fibromyalgia, and joint pain. Due to illness complications, Jordan was temporarily struck blind; so she knows how it feels to be sick, in pain and afraid.

In her book, Jordan (the Phyllis Diller of Christian grandmas) recounts her search for the perfect purse, camping adventures, aging without grace, and dealing with her "very male" husband. Some chapter titles include, "Limburger Attitude," "Is Broccoli Hazardous?" and "Life in the Manure Pile."

Jordan has received awards for her work with children and has been featured in several national magazines such as Ladies Home Journal, Woman's Day, and Rosie.  She's been interviewed on WGN television and Billy Graham's radio program.  Her devotionals and stories have been published in A Cup of Comfort and other anthologies. Her articles have appeared in Heart Light and Obadiah magazines.  Jordan is a regular columnist for Handmaidens magazine and My Walk With Jesus Christian newspaper.  She has contributed to over 60 online newsletters and e-zines, such as Heart Warmers, Power to Share, and Warm Fuzzy Stories.

Between writing, running a nonprofit charity from her home, and enjoying time with her grandson, Jordan devotes herself to three pursuits: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and Jesus.

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