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John Robin Murphy

Author of  Be Transformed

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John Robin Murphy's Bio:
John Robin Murphy was living a life full of misery, characterized by an absolute angry rejection of God. He knew exactly why it was laughable to believe in God, and he would gladly try to prove it if given the chance. After all, he came from a family with no regard for God, and he was just carrying on the tradition. But in his darkest moments, when he felt like his life was a cruel joke, something gnawed at his spirit.

During his mid 20s, while drinking and other self-destructive behaviors were spiraling out of control, John met Beth, a born-again believer who possessed a depth of character different from that of anyone else in his life. As his personal life and a key business venture fell apart, John finally asked Beth about this “God thing.” She simply answered his questions without condemnation, and John’s heart quickened to the truth of what he was hearing. Three days later, he gave his life to Christ.

Fast forward five years. John’s life and longings had changed dramatically. He and Beth had married and settled down to raise a family. Yet John still found himself wrestling with some old behaviors. Though he was a successful businessman, solving problems and launching strategies that were helping organizations of all sizes grow and prosper, he found himself still experiencing emotional turmoil and depression that led him back to old self-destructive habits that medicated his pain.

Then John began his personal journey of transformation. With the help of a Christian counselor, friends, and his wife, John started to examine old wounds and to look for healing solutions.

As a business consultant, John had a lot of experience helping public and private companies find the root causes of success or failure and implement strategies to promote growth and stability. He began applying those skills in his own life, searching for spiritual solutions for unwanted behavior. He concluded the solution is in God’s call to all His people to be transformation. The evidence was clear throughout the Scriptures. What’s more, he knew God was leading him on a path to help free people from addictions and other forms of emotional suffering.

As he worked in lay ministry with faith-based ministries, some using 12-step programs, John realized there was an important missing ingredient in the typical approach.

“Organizations like AA and others that help get addicts to a place of sobriety are a vital part of the solution,” he explains. “You have to get a person fed, clothed, and pointed in the direction of God before you can minister in their lives. The missing element was heart transformation. Being sober does not remove the heart-cause of alcohol abuse. Freedom from self-destructive behaviors requires dealing with those places in our hearts that do not resemble the heart of Christ. Yes, it requires humility and can be very uncomfortable at times. But it is the only thing that will truly set us free.”

Be Transformed: New Life Awaits is the culmination of John’s quest to find the answers that brought deliverance in his own life and in the lives of others. John will readily admit that he is no theologian. But he has walked in the footsteps of addicts and knows their struggles intimately. Now 50 years old, he is devoted to helping them get serious about both their recovery and their healing. And he is committed to getting the message to all followers of Christ that responding to God’s call to be transformed is the way to realize the full spiritual life they are looking for. The former “table pounding atheist” has found that the Word of God does indeed have the answers to the most difficult problems people face.

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