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Ray Kelly

Author of The Hourglass Principle

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Ray Kelly's Bio:

Ray Kelly has been a top producing salesperson for over 25 years. Ray has sold to both consumers and Fortune 500 companies with experience extending across many sales markets. Ray is a Christian, who is married, with two children and believes that there is no need to sacrifice your moral ethics to win a deal. Successfully managing multiple sales forces and employing the tactics in this book created success for himself, those he has managed and his employers. Ray has often been called a “Rainmaker” by his executive management team for his ability to be in the middle of major sales opportunities and to make sales happen. Customers enjoy Ray’s forthright attitude and ability to work on their behalf within his own organization.

The Hourglass Principle was designed to encourage integrity throughout the world of sales. Ray Kelly Consulting was created to assist corporations and individual sales people in understanding that they do not have to violate their ethics, moral code, personal worth or selfesteem in order to reach their goals. Ray Kelly Consulting provides coaching to sales professionals and sales managers worldwide about the enormous benefit of being able to effectively manage the middle of any sale without sacrificing their integrity.

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