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Marty Love

Author of  Fly Like a Penguin

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Marty Love's Bio:
Marty Love grew up in Bremerton, Washington in a waterfront home on Puget Sound. It was an ideal place for a kid to grow up. When the weather was agreeable, adventures were available every day. There were the woods and beach to explore and different kind of boats to use. Swimming was also a possibility, but the water was usually too cold, and he was kind of a wimp about that.

Marine life could be seen daily. The most common were seagulls and varieties of ducks. If he was in a boat in shallow water he could see flounders and other fish. At low tide he could find crabs and clams. Sometimes, actually rarely, more exciting creatures like whales or seals would venture in from the ocean. One day when Marty was a teenager, he and his family saw a penguin float by the house on a log.

Years later he happened to think of that penguin, and he thought, “Hey, how did that guy get there?” He wondered how and why it would have journeyed from the southern hemisphere into Puget Sound and where it was going.

Fly Like a Penguin

is the answer to those questions after many years of research and writing in his small amount of spare time.

After high school, Marty went to college. During his first year he committed his life to Jesus Christ. He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in journalism. He then proceeded to work various jobs that had nothing to do with his major. About three months after the trip Marty felt the Lord was leading him to move to Wisconsin. He lived with Dwight and Jane, the pastor and his wife, for about six months, until he married the girl next door.

The Lord continued to bless him and Cindy in various ways. The most obvious was in giving them children, six of them. In earlier years Marty never would have pictured that for his life, but now he wouldn’t want it any other way.

When his first two children were still young and being read to, Marty remembered the penguin, and also began to make time once again for writing. He wrote the book, which took longer than he thought it would, primarily as a children’s book, but one that would be enjoyed by adults as well.