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Sally Fugazi & Debbie Harwell's Bio:

Sally Fugazi has real life credentials that enable her to write insightful, uplifting passages about women aging in the 21st Century. Her womanhood resume includes:

  • She has been married to Bob for 33 years
  • She & Bob have 4 children ranging in age from 20 to 33.
  • Her son’s first day of kindergarten was her oldest daughter’s first day of college
  • She has mothered, mentored, and married off three daughters
  • She writes letters and prays for her son who is with an Army combat battalion in Iraq
  • She has witnessed the birth of three granddaughters and one grandson
  • She is caretaker of her widowed mother
  • She is a survivor of clinical depression.
  • She has weathered through menopause without HRT!

Born in Japan, she has moved 21 times, living in Europe and across the Untied States as both an Air Force dependent and corporate wife. This has provided her with a window into many worlds and experiences. With a life-long passion for learning, she studied Art History, Library Science and Early Childhood Education at Cal. State-Sacramento. Sally has served as a youth ministry leader, PTA president, and a guest speaker to various church and school groups. She has also worked as a secretary, bookkeeper, interior design consultant and merchandising specialist.

Debbie Harwell also speaks with the voice of experience on women’s issues. As with most women, she wears a variety of hats:

  • She has been married to Tom for 23 years
  • They have two sons finding their way in the world as young men
  • She is the stepmother to two young women
  • She is “Grandma D” to three handsome grandsons, including one with Down syndrome.
  • She was totally responsible for the care of her elderly parents, seeing them through the many life changes brought about by aging and ultimate enrollment in hospice programs.
  • She is a survivor of clinical depression
  • She is perimenopausal

Debbie has a degree in Communications from Texas Christian University. She has applied those skills in all aspects of her life, working in capacities as varied as a hotel front office manager to licensed director of a Mother’s Day Out program, to volunteer for various church and school activities. She visits weekly with residents at an assisted living facility and serves as a member of the Houston Junior Forum, an organization committed to enhancing senior living and children’s literacy.

One Harmonious Duo - The blend of these two very different women writers, with their wisdom, humor & faith provide for rich dialogue, honest observations & entertaining insights into joyfully surviving as family women in the 21st Century.

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