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Julie Ann Barnhill

Author of  Radical Forgiveness

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Julie Ann Barnhill's Bio:
Call her a 21st century Erma eck with a pleasantly skewed twist! Over 100,000 readers of her books, as well as audiences that number in the 10,000's, have experienced the unleashing of her disarming wit, vulnerability and authenticity. This "spunky, sassy, and thought provoking" speaker challenges her audiences to "fasten their seatbelts!" as she dispenses the lone antidote for remaining sane amidst life's roller coaster ride of emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual ups and downs: The medicinal cure of guffaw-inducing, jaw-aching, my stomach muscles hurt so bad, laughter!

Julie's passion for books and learning has helped hone her gift of public speaking and writing. Her quirky style, hilarious delivery, and authentic confessions of her own struggles and defeats have made her a highly popular National keynote, workshop leader, and media guest.

Her first book, She's Gonna Blow! Real Help for Moms Dealing with Anger (Harvest House Publishers, 2001), is a perfect example of her speaking style condensed into words and book format. With sales topping 100,000 copies since its release, readers have responded to Julie's candid 'been there' battles of anger toward her children as she shares the good, the bad, and the lavish grace that God extends to parents everywhere.

Til Debt Do Us Part, her second book release in July 2002 with Harvest House Publishers brings hope and laughter to the "financially challenged"--men and women, husbands and wives, who just can't seem to keep it together for the long haul when it comes to money, motivation, and marriage.

Julie's newly released third book, Scandalous Grace, in conjuction with literary powerhouse, Tyndale House Publishing, leads women to the audacious and preposterous reality of Divine Grace. Grace that proclaims without reservation: "God is crazy about you. Really! He loves you just as you are, warts and all, failures and successes, regrets and doubts, and God wants to lavish His unrestrained and liberating grace in your life as a woman."

Millions of viewers saw Julie as a featured guest on Oprah, October 2002. The program, "Moms Who Lose Control," garnered such a response as to warrant its re-airing on December 20th of the same year as well as the Spring of 2003. International, national and syndicated guest spots also include: The Other Half with host Dick Clark, CNBC's "PowerLunch," CNN World News, FOX-4 TV Fort Worth, TX," At Home Live!" "Master Control," "100 Huntley Street," "The New Harvest Show," "His Place," "CTN Live!" and "It's a New Day."

Radio appearances include a two-day interview which aired March 17-18th, 2003, with Focus on the Family legend, Dr. James Dobson. Again audiences responded to the humor and vulnerability of Julie as a guest and merited its re-airing as part of the 2003 "Best of the Best" programming schedule in December.

Julie has made appearances with National Public Radio, Janet Parshall's "America," "Midday Connection," "Prime Time America," and Billy Graham's "Decision Today."