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Joel C. Rosenberg's Bio:

Joel C. Rosenberg has gone from Washington DC political insider to overnight bestselling author.

Rosenberg is a writer and communications strategist who over the past 15 years has worked with some of the world’s most influential leaders in business, politics and media——including Steve Forbes, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Bennett, Benjamin Netanyahu and Natan Sharansky.

In 2001, Rosenberg decided to leave politics to fulfill a life-long dream——to write a novel. With no prior experience or publishing contacts, he set about infusing his political experience into a “hold onto your seat” thriller focusing on the instability in the Middle East. His manuscript opened with a kamikaze terrorist flight attacking the United States, yet was written prior to 9/11. Thus began Rosenberg’s uncanny knack for describing fictional world events that eerily come to pass. His first book, The Last Jihad (Forge/2002), spent 11 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller List, reaching as high as #7. In addition to hitting the USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists, The Last Jihad hit #1 on and #4 on The Wall Street Journal list.

The Last Days (Forge 2003), Rosenberg’s second novel, galvanized his reputation of writing stories “ripped from tomorrow’s headlines.” This bestseller portrayed the passing of Yasser Arafat——13 months before his actual death. U.S News and World Report called Rosenberg, “a modern Nostradamus.”

The Ezekiel Option, (Tyndale/2005) continued Rosenberg’s prophetic streak with a gripping story of a nuclear alliance between Iran and Russia in an effort to destroy Israel. Of course, Rosenberg’s timing is impeccable. Now in 2006, a top story around the world is Iran’s new nuclear capability.

Rosenberg’s latest, The Copper Scroll (Tyndale/August 2006), is set after a failed attempt by radical Islamic groups to annihilate Israel, but instead destroys the radical movement itself. In the background of this rapid-fire adventure to discover the hidden treasures of the Jewish temple, plans are underway to rebuild the Third Jewish Temple on the ruins of Al-Aksa Mosque at the Dome of the Rock and the Middle East nations  become unified around an Iraqi leader.

Rosenberg’s success in detecting future headlines has prompted him to write his predictions for tomorrow’s top news stories in his first non-fiction book Epicenter (Tyndale), due out October 2006. To research Epicenter, Rosenberg traveled to such countries as Turkey, Russia, Israel, and Egypt and recently spent four months living with his family in the Middle East.

In his five years as a novelist, Rosenberg has been interviewed on more than 300 radio and television programs, including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Oliver North, G. Gordon Liddy, Fox News Channel, The 700 Club and MSNBC and spoken to thousands at universities, churches, and civic groups.

A front-page Sunday New York Times profile once described Rosenberg as “a force in the capital.” His professional experience includes:

  • President of November Communications, a consulting firm providing communications strategy for such world leaders as Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Former Deputy Prime Minister Natan Sharansky.
  • Senior Advisor to Steve Forbes for both presidential campaigns and communications director at Forbes’ think tank Americans for Hope, Growth, and Opportunity.
  • Research director for Rush Limbaugh and writer for The Limbaugh Letter.
  • Policy analyst for Empower America, founded by William Bennett, Jack Kemp and Jeane Kirkpatrick.
  • Political columnist for World Magazine                  
  • Contributor to Steve Forbes’ two books—The Moral Basis of a Free Society (Regnery/1998) and A New Birth of Freedom (Regnery/1999)
  • Researcher for Sean Hannity’s New York Times Best Seller, Let Freedom Ring (ReganBooks/Harper 2002).

Rosenberg is a graduate of Syracuse University. He and his wife Lynn are raising four boys in the Washington, DC area.

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