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Mark Hall with Tim Luke's Bio:
Mark Hall’s 36-year-old heart beats for teenagers, which is why he has been called to be a student pastor for 15 years. It’s just that he sings to them to get his points across. Despite the multi-platinum success of his band Casting Crowns, Mark serves on staff at Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church in McDonough, GA. His 400 teenagers still receive his attention every Wednesday night, even if he has to schedule the band’s sellout tours around those dates. His wife of 16 years, Melanie, and children, John Michael, 8, Reagan, 6, and Zoe, 3, all travel on the tour bus. They go wherever he goes. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hall has written five No. 1 songs in the past two years for Casting Crowns, including GMA’s 2005 Song of the Year “Who Am I” and both 2006 song nominees “Voice of Truth” and “Lifesong.” Casting Crowns has sold more than 2 million albums and recently won its first GRAMMY Award for sophomore album Lifesong.

“My sincere prayer is that Lifestories will not simply be read, but experienced,” Hall said. “Furthest from my mind was the notion of entertaining; each chapter was prayed over as it was written—and invariably the prayer asked God to use this book to exalt the name of Jesus Christ. I prayed that He would use this work to help lead people to His Word, and to Him, so that He could encourage them, inspire them, instruct them, motivate them—and, if need be, convict and correct.. I prayed for Him to save souls and to change lives.”

Lifestories is not a typical “artist book” project. There are no photos of the band or interviews with its members. Instead, readers will find a collection of true stories about real-life people and their extraordinary life experiences.

One example from Lifestories reveals how Casting Crowns’ current No.1 radio single “Praise You in This Storm” was written for 11-year-old fan Erin Browning. Erin was diagnosed with bone cancer shortly before the band met her at a show in 2004. Through e-mail and phone calls, the band walked with Erin’s family through its unimaginable personal storm. Erin passed away in fall 2005. Hall was so deeply touched by the unwavering faith of her heartbroken mother that the lyrics to the song were born. “Praise You in This Storm” has remained at the top of the radio charts for six consecutive weeks to date.

Erin’s story, along with many others just as compelling, have provided the catalyst for Hall’s award-winning songwriting that has produced five No. 1 radio hits, earning him the “Songwriter of the Year” award by both BMI and the GMA for two consecutive years. These are the songs that are propelling Casting Crowns to the top of the Christian radio and retail charts in its short two-and-a-half year music career.

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