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Fazale Rana & Hugh Ross

Author of  Origins of Life

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Fazale Rana & Hugh Ross's Bio:
Fazale Rana has published more than fifteen articles in scientific journals and delivered more than twenty presentations at international scientific meetings. He worked for seven years in product development for Procter & Gamble before joining Reasons To Believe, where he serves as vice president for science apologetics. He and his wife, Amy, have four daughters and a son. They live in southern California.

Hugh Ross serves as president of Reasons to Believe and has written many books, including The Creator and the Cosmos, The Genesis Question, and Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men (coauthored with Kenneth Samples and Mark Clark). He has been a guest on numerous media programs such as Coast to Coast, The Barry Farber Show, Sirius Satellite Radio, 700 Club, and The Keith Rush Show. He lives in southern California with his wife, Kathy, and two sons.