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Harry L. Brewer

Author of  Ruth: How an Outsider Gained God's Favor

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Harry L. Brewer's Bio:
Harry Brewer became a believer at age 10 and attended Christian schools from 6th grade through high school. He went to John Brown University, Pasadena College and Biola University to receive a bachelor of arts degree in Biblical Studies. He spent an additional 2-1/2 years at Talbot Theological Seminary.

He grew up in evangelical congregations, attending Hope Union Church, Calvary Chapel and Hope Chapel, where he became an under-shepherd, co-leading a weekly home group. He then went to Jewish Messianic Congregations to acquire a better perspective of our Christian heritage. He spent 10 years in this environment and became a board member and home group leader.

While a home group leader he wrote his lessons to find better group participation. For the past fifteen years he has continued to develop devotional commentaries on Scripture. People using Ruth find it facilitates audience participation and understanding of Scriptural characters. Simplicity, accuracy and insight into the Biblical passages characterize his writing.

While holding a secular career, he has conducted Bible studies in his work place. He is married with four children and eleven grandchildren. He loves studying Scripture, writing his finings and passing them on to fellow believers. His writing offers encouragement and understanding in our wonderful faith and the personal knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.