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Nancy Pearcey's Bio:

NANCY RANDOLPH PEARCEY is the Francis A. Schaeffer Scholar at the World Journalism Institute, where Total Truth is the basis for a worldview curriculum. Pearcey studied violin in Heidelberg, Germany, in the early 1970s, then went to Switzerland to study Christian worldview under Schaeffer at L’Abri Fellowship. Later she graduated from Iowa State University with a Distributed Studies degree (philosophy, German, music). Pearcey earned a master’s degree in Biblical Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, followed by graduate work in the history of philosophy (with an emphasis on ancient philosophy and Dutch neo-Calvinism) at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto. Her current positions include visiting scholar at Biola University’s Torrey Honors Institute and senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, where her focus is on the cultural and philosophical implications of the evolution controversy. She is also a frequent speaker at conferences and universities.

Pearcey began writing articles on science and Christian worldview in 1977 for the Bible-Science Newsletter, where she worked for thirteen years, analyzing many of the themes she would develop more fully in later writings. In 1991 she became the founding editor of “BreakPoint,” a daily syndicated radio commentary program, and continued as the program’s executive editor for nearly nine years, heading up a team of writers. Under her leadership, the program grew into an influential organ for teaching a Christian worldview perspective on current events, with an estimated weekly audience of five million. She was also policy director and senior fellow of the Wilberforce Forum, and coauthored a monthly column in Christianity Today for five years.

Pearcey has served as managing editor of the science journal Origins & Design, as an editorial board member for Salem Communications Network, and as a commentator on Public Square Radio. Her articles have appeared in several journals and magazines, including the Washington Times, Human Events, First Things, Books and Culture, World, Pro Rege, Human Life Review, American Enterprise, The World & I, The Family in America, Christianity Today, and the Regent University Law Review.

Pearcey has authored or contributed to several works, including The Soul of Science, on the history of science and Christianity since the scientific revolution; and the best-selling, award-winning How Now Shall We Live? She is featured in a video Sunday school curriculum based on the latter, produced by LifeWay Christian Resources.

She has contributed chapters to Mere Creation, Of Pandas and People, Pro-Life Feminism, Genetic Ethics, Signs of Intelligence, Reading God’s World, and Uncommon Dissent, and most recently, a Phillip Johnson Festschrift titled A Man for This Season.

Pearcey resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and two sons. For speaking requests, please contact her agent, Susan Yates, at susanyates@yatesyates.

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