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Denise Hunter

Author of  Mending Places

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Denise Hunter's Bio:
Award-winning author of six novels and three novellas, best-selling author Denise Hunter bursts back on the scene with her latest novel Mending Places, the first book in The New Heights Series.

With Mending Places, Hunter shines as she draws her readers into an intriguing world of mystery, suspense and romance, while weaving a heart-searching story of love, pain and forgiveness.

Hunter, author of the best-sellers Game of Love, Aloha and Blind Date, and others, has seen her work consistently reach the top 10 on the best-seller charts over the years.

Growing up, Hunter always dreamed of writing a novel but didn’t know if she had what it took to be a great writer. She was unexpectedly inspired by her ailing grandfather as she visited him in the hospital and the doctors were telling her he could pass away at any time. Reflecting on all the wonderful things her grandfather had done for the cause of Christ, she vowed that her life would count for something significant. When she got home from the hospital, she began writing her first novel and has never looked back.

While all of her writing is delivered passionately from her heart, Mending Places was especially tough, broaching the taboo subject of rape, and challenging characters and readers alike to reach a deeper level of forgiveness in their lives. Hunter believes that a lot of people are carrying around bitterness in their hearts from old unforgiven wounds. “I hope Mending Places can help readers identify any areas of unforgiveness in their lives and start the process of true healing,” she concludes.

Hunter and her husband Kevin, are involved in a new church plant in Indiana where they live with their three sons. She is currently working on her second book in The New Heights Series titled Saving Grace which releases in 2005.