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Sharon Carter Rogers

Author of  Sinner: A Novel

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Sharon Carter Rogers's Bio:
Sharon Carter Rogers is author of the critically-acclaimed suspense novel, SINNER and the Shorts titles, “Two Graces” and “Hercules: Whisper of the Gods.”

However, there are some who suggest that Sharon is not the author's real name, and that she has chosen to hide her true identity from the public view. Others dismiss this as pure speculation and a publicity stunt--that is, a "mysterious author who writes mysteries."

Ms. Rogers refuses to confirm or deny any of these speculative assumptions.

Rumors about Sharon Carter Rogers’ background include the following:

  • She is a former English teacher and is now a homemaker.
  • She is actually Dean Koontz or some other well-known author who wanted to write something with a spiritual emphasis but did not want to interfere with a publisher's current "author brand.”
  • She is a former covert military agent and skilled combatant.
  • She is married to one Steven Rogers.
  • She has never married for fear that her work would put her loved ones in danger.
  • She is married to James Barnes.
  • She is an elderly woman living in Connecticut.
  • She is a group of Christian romance writers who got together to experiment with a more gritty, thriller style of novel.
  • She is a B-level actress living in southern California.
  • She is blonde.
  • She is brunette.
  • She is a redhead.
  • She is bald, and wears wigs that are blonde, brunette, and redhead.
  • She is a former mob moll who now lives in the witness protection program.
  • She is a high school drama teacher in Alabama.
  • She doesn't exist at all.

Regardless of the rumors, there is one thing we can be sure of about Ms. Rogers: She's an astonishingly good writer of fast-paced, suspense-laden, mystery novels.