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Shaunti Feldhahn's Bio:
Shaunti Feldhahn was an analyst on Wall Street, and served on the staffs of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, before becoming a surprise bestselling author. Her 1998 runaway #1 hit, Y2K: The Millennium Bug – A Balanced Christian Response, propelled her to bestselling status. The timely book, which encouraged the Christian community toward a positive, service-oriented response to the coming of the millennium, quickly garnered respect for the new author within the Christian publishing community.

Shaunti expanded upon the message of the book by founding a ministry dedicated to that purpose, The Joseph Project 2000. Once the millennium arrived, The Joseph Project 2000 served as a springboard for launching We Care America (WCA), the leading network of care ministries in the country, with Shaunti serving as a founding member of the Board of Directors.

In the book world, Shaunti has made a name for herself as an author of Christian “message” fiction, weaving truth-filled, intriguing stories backed by careful non-fiction analysis and research. Her recent spiritual thrillers, The Lights of Tenth Street and The Veritas Conflict, encourage readers to confront issues of life and faith in a way that transforms lives.

It was Shaunti’s careful research of men for her main character in The Lights of Tenth Street that laid the groundwork for her latest nonfiction work, For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men. This ground breaking book offers women fascinating insights into men’s thought processes, resulting in improved communications and relationships.

In addition to publishing both fiction and nonfiction, Shaunti is a newspaper columnist on women’s issues, contributing the conservative opinion for the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s popular online Woman to Woman column. For five years, Shaunti and her husband Jeff have led a large home group for married couples, encouraging and supporting couples to greater intimacy with God and with each other.

Shaunti holds a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University. As a national author and speaker, she has been featured on such Christian and secular media outlets as Focus on the Family, The 700 Club, Janet Parshall’s America, NPR, PBS, and TNT, reaching audiences with messages of faith. Shaunti and her husband, Jeff, live in Atlanta with their two young children.

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