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Ryan Dobson's Bio:
Ryan Dobsonís hands-on knowledge of youth culture and speaking experience has propelled him to the forefront of todayís younger generation. Ryan travels extensively, speaking more than one-hundred times a year at events ranging from music festivals, concert tours, youth camps and crisis pregnancy center fundraisers. His outspokenness has landed him hundreds of radio and TV interviews.

As an impassioned youth speaker, Ryan has touched countless numbers of young people from their teens to their twenties. He is articulate, animated, and passionate about topics that he feels the next generation needs to hear. Steadfast and unashamed, he challenges the younger set to examine their own belief systems and to think through consequences before making decisions. Using his hands on knowledge, and making the most of current events and cultural examples, Ryan has the ability to relate to the youth of today.

Ryanís first book, Be Intolerant, examined moral relativism and its role in society today. It quickly became a Top 20 ECPA bestseller. His most recent release, To Die For, invites readers to leave their empty lives behind to live an adventure-filled life following Christ.

The son of James and Shirley Dobson, Ryan graduated from Biola University with a bachelor's degree in communications. He lives in Southern California, where he loves to surf Orange Countyís top beaches and skateboard with friends.

Brian Smith is the author of numerous home Bible study guides, and has provided fifteen years of pastoral oversight to small church groups. He is a popular conference speaker and small group ministry consultant to churches nationwide.

Brian most recently co-authored True Freedom: The Liberating Power of Prayer, the theme book for the 2004 National Day of Prayer, with Oliver North. With the release of his new book with Ryan Dobson, To Die For, Brian hopes to help young Christians escape the spiral of living for the false promises of the world.

He earned an MDiv from Western Baptist Seminary in 1988 and is working toward his ThM in biblical and theological studies. Brian lives in Gresham, Oregon, with his wife, Susan, and their four children.