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James David Jordan

Author of  Something That Lasts

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James David Jordan's Bio:
James (Jim) David Jordan is a business attorney with a finely tuned sense of humor. From his office on the 36th floor of a Dallas skyscraper, he counsels clients and prepares cases for court. But there is another vein to this attorney’s life that few of his colleagues know about. Many lawyers have the urge to write, but few actually submit to the daunting task of slogging through the creation of a manuscript. Jim, however, followed his aspirations to become an author, taking five years in the process to create Something That Lasts. That he was raising teenagers at the time makes his work even more impressive!

Jim credits his training as a lawyer as one of the factors that made the writing of his first book possible. “I would write in the evenings and on the weekends, whenever I had a free block of time. Being a lawyer who charges by the hour, I was trained to be focused when approaching a task. That helped me persevere through the first draft and rewrites.”

A native of Illinois, Jim attended the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism, then went on to earn an MBA and law degree from the University of Illinois. With his wife and two children, Jim lives near Dallas.

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