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Jacques Futrelle

Author of  Professor Van Dusen: The Thinking Machine

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Jacques Futrelle's Bio:
American author Jacques Futrelle (1875-1912) was born in Georgia, and from his youth he worked in the newspaper business in a variety of capacities from printer's devil to telegraph editor. In the early 1900s Futrelle spent two years as a writer, director, and actor in a Virgina theater. During this period of time he began developing his Thinking Machine stories. Eventually almost fifty stories featuring Professor Van Dusen appeared in serial form in magazines of the day and later in book length collections.

In January of 1912 Jacques and his wife May traveled to Europe to visit publishers in an attempt to expand the European market for his novels and short stories. Their return trip to America was aboard the ill-fated maiden voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic. While May survived the disaster and lived until 1967, Jacques perished at sea in April of 1912.

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