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A. Philip Brown II's Bio:

A. Philip Brown II is an associate professor at God's Bible School and College in Cincinnati, Ohio. The published version of his 2002 PhD dissertation (Old Testament Interpretation, Bob Jones University), Hope Amidst Ruin focuses on the literary structure and theological message of the often-neglected book of Ezra.

For decades after the Jewish exiles returned, they suffered both external oppression and internal faithlessness. Brown argues that Ezra composed this narrative to give postexilic Israel hope amidst ruin: hope in the goodness and holiness of God amidst the ruin they faced within and without. Ezra highlights God's complete sovereignty over even the most powerful of men, His blessing on those who seek Him, and His wrath on those who abandon Him-revealing that the fortunes of His people hinge not on imperial favor but on internal holiness.

Brown frankly addresses various interpretational challenges in Ezra, such as its unique temporal ordering and disquieting finale. Concurrently, he offers evidence for the divine inspiration of the book. He also clarifies the relationship of historical events in the Persian Empire to Ezra's narrative. Brown's research and analysis make Hope Amidst Ruin an essential resource for Old Testament theologians and all students of Scripture. Ezra's focus on hope and holiness is just as appropriate for our world as it was for his.