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Stephen M. Miller

Author of  Who's Who and Where's Where in the Bible

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Stephen M. Miller's Bio:
Like many writers, Stephen M. Miller started out as a newspaper reporter. While those who know him call him Steve, he uses his full name when he writes professionally. After his mother saw his byline in a newspaper article early on in his career—by Steve Miller—she commented, “I didn’t name you ‘Steve.’” Steve got the message, so it’s been “Stephen” ever since.

Before reporting for the newspaper, Stephen received a journalism degree from Kent State University. He decided to focus his writing attentions on the Christian faith and received a master’s degree in seminary by continuing his education in biblical studies.

Now a best-selling author, Stephen is a freelance journalist and editor who writes on a variety of topics, including family and health, but specializes in easy-reading Bible reference books. Among his recent releases are The Bible: A History, How to Get the Bible into My Life, and How to Get into the Bible, which became a Christian reference book best-seller and a Gold Medallion finalist the year it was released, and remains a top-selling Bible handbook. His newest book—Who’s Who & Where’s Where in the Bible—beautifully illustrated with color photos, is Stephen’s first project with Barbour Books.

Stephen’s critically acclaimed career includes work for more than a dozen publishers, including Reader’s Digest Books, Guideposts Books and Christianity Today’s Christian History magazine.

With the tag team of Zondervan and Christianity Today, Stephen served as a writer and contributing editor for The Quest Study Bible, which remains one of the best-selling study Bibles in the country. He also served as both a writer and an editor for Grolier’s Family Bible Cards.

Stephen, his wife Linda, and their two children, Rebecca and Bradley, make their home in Olathe, Kansas.